Ship Chandlery Newcastle

Ship Chandlery Newcastle – Australia

Provisions Supply at Newcastle in Australia

Ship Chandlery Newcastle’s provides the highest standard of facilities including modern purpose built warehouses, freezers and chillers, all supported by a fleet of vehicles capable of delivering your goods to you in optimum condition.

And the price is right too – Ship Chandlery Newcastle’s offers superb purchasing power ensuring customers receive a quality product to meet your budgetary requirements.

Ship Chandlery Newcastle full range of provisions include:

  • Frozen meats, poultry and fish
  • Frozen vegetables, savouries and desserts
  • Fresh daily fruit and vegetables
  • Fresh dairy products
  • Ambient tinned, long life and dried foods
  • Bonded, duty suspended goods for marine / export use
  • Duty free tobaccos, beers, wines and spirits
  • Crew welfare items
  • Ethnic and specialist items
  • Specialists in Norwegian foods

In addition Provisions Supply Newcastle offer a full import and export service to ensure correct transit of goods.

Ship Chandlery Newcastle

Ship Chandlery Newcastle

Ship Chandlery Newcastle’s provides a wide range of marine supplies and services to the shipping industry as well as the offshore oil, gas and renewables sectors.

With Ship Chandlery Newcastle vast experience of ship supply gained through almost 40 years of maritime business, Ship Chandlery Newcastle’s provides a one-stop-shop service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year.

Whatever and wherever your ship supply needs – Ship Chandlery Newcastle’s is your complete supply solution.

Ship Chandlery Newcastle have been providing all kinds of materials and provisions your ship needs for years without any problems, all you need to do is contact us for your quality and affordable supply needs. Ship Chandlery Newcastle would like you to know that Ship Chandlery Newcastle will be pleased to see you among our thousands of customers. Our fruits and vegetables are completely fresh and daily, except for the replenishment on Sundays. Since the preparations for the replenishment to be made on Sundays are finished on Saturday, fruits and vegetables made on Sunday are delivered on a daily basis.

Also please note we are sfully ervicing at anchorage area of Newcastle port

For all kinds ship requisitions please contact with us