Ship Chandler Port Hedland

Ship Chandler Port Hedland

We cover all ports of Australia, 

-  Bonded Stores
-  Provisions
-  Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
-  Deck and Engine Stores
-  Nautical Charts and Publications
-  Safety Equipments and Signs
-  Extensive Range of Spare Parts

The profile of the people who make up our team and the way each one of them works have built an excellent reputation for Ship Chandler Port Hedland

  • A team made up of people who understand the urgency in the shipping industry and the impossibility of error in the supply.

  • Professionals with diverse skills who came from various branches of shipping companies (Shipping Agency, Maritime Support, Ship Chandler, equipment and spare parts trading).

  • Partnerships with a network of various serve providers (hull cleaning, tanks, electrical, hydraulic and mechanical maintenance, etc.) for the proper functioning of the operation.

  • Strong investor group to ensure maximum excellence in delivery and compliance in negotiations.

  • The use of integrated management system and all available technologies to provide the best service.


Ship Chandler Port Hedland

Ship Chandler Port Hedland

Be available 24 hours a day to assist our customers in their operations. Delivering products, supplies and services quickly and assertively


  • Safety: Taking care of people and relationships
  • Assertiveness: Comply with what has been combined in all areas
  • Availability: Understand that customer request can happen at any time and that we will be ready to fulfill the mission
  • Creativity: Creating alternatives to solve customer problems
  • Respect for the environment: Understand that our actions impact on society as a whole


Provide products and services for vessels, meeting the requirements of quality, competitive price, agility and constant communication with our customers.

Quality Policy

  • Seek customer satisfaction, by meeting their requirements with speed, accuracy and constant communication;
  • Support the company’s growth, through the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System and technological solutions;
  • Train and develop employees to achieve their goals and the organization’s goals in a safe environment;
  • Develop partnership relationships with qualified suppliers;
  • Meet all the rules and laws that govern the business.

Ship Chandler Port Hedland respect our community and our world. Ship Chandler Port Hedland celebrate cultural differences and treat everyone with dignity. Ship Chandler Port Hedland operate responsibly and are committed to the security, management and relationship with our customers.

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